Saturday, April 10, 2010

Container Garden

Hey all, Yes I have been MIA again, but for a good reason. I had a minor biopsy done on Monday. I don't know why the call it minor this put me in bed for day's. Well yesterday was the first time I felt better. The only good thing about this was I don't have cancer ( Praise God!) and I lost some weight. Well back to the subject.

Why do you ask I am writing about Container Garden on losing weight? Well this is a good way to lose weight. You eat great healthy food and this keeps you moving. So time to plan that garden. I don't care if you live in an apartment or big yard it is time to start.

This week we will start with container gardening. There is a website called
$ She has a place there were she has print outs. Go get a print out. We will start with the Container Garden first. I have plans to do 5 small pots or I can do one big container (dollar store)

For the large pot here is what you can put in there.
1 Large pot
sweet basil
Dill ( I will have to tell you about the great salad I had with this)
spicy Oregano
so got to the store and lets get started part two tomorrow. So then I can take a picture of this.
Ready set let the journey begin.

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