Sunday, April 4, 2010


I know the last blog said I was going to talk about something else. Well I need to talk about having a garden. Personally I think everyone should try one. Yes, I know some people have a limited space, but at least try tomatoes. Having a garden helps in many way's with relaxation and healthy food. This week I am going to move my box gardens and add some more. With two of working out more this will be fun. So I don't know what is the best way to approach this. A blog or write on this blog. Asking for some suggestions?

Ready set let the journey begin.


  1. Having an edible garden is fantastic - I'm with you 100% on this. I dug up half the lawn out the back to put in garden beds and we grew garlic, tomatos, lettuce, herbs, beans and spinach. I tried beans, but they didn't go too well where I had them. :( I also tried potatoes, but they too were an epic failure. Probably a good thing, as I've cut down on carbs and hardly eat potatoes anymore. I plan to put in more garlic, as it's been amazing to eat and was fairly hassle free to grow. The cherry tomatoes were the easiest to grow, and I got the best crops from them, so I'll happily plant those again.

    If you take photos of your garden you should post them and show us. :)

  2. Big Girl, I sure will put picture of them up. Today I have my sheets out. I am planning a garden. Today I am going to try and start my container garden. I am going to place them out on my back porch. I am going to try three small ones today. Basil, ciliato and mint.
    I will keep you all posted.