Friday, April 2, 2010

Back in the Saddle again

Hello All,
It have been a few weeks. I have been pulling double shift at work. Finally a day off. Really I don't think it is a day off there is so much to do. I have been working out a lot as well, just to get out of the office. I have lost 6 inch off my waist. I never thought that day will come when that happened. I look back at the first day I started and how hard it was. I wanted to cry when I looked at my self in the mirror.

Since then I have changed a lot about my self. In the weeks to come I will talk about the changes. Oh and start my new blog as well. My oldest daughter seen the changes and hired my trainer. lol................ The first night she went she was so sore. She told me like I have told all of you. The simple exercises that they showed educated us so much. She by far does not need to lose a lot, but it is the toning part. She hurt her back in the Army about two years ago. So they told her she needs to keep in shape for her back. Well you know that physical therapy can only do so much. Well they have worked out an exercise routine for her. she is loving it a lot. Like me she wounder what took her so long to join. Well better run, I have walls to paint. That will be in my new blog.
Ready set let the journey begin.

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