Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back in the set again

Hello All,
I know it has been a few day's since I have blogged. Work has kept me super busy these day's. I have not even made it to the gym. I can to cancel last night work out with my friend. Yeah the one I worked so hard to get. I have a whole work out planned to. I won't forget to post it so you all can try it your self. Last week was great was able to work out quite a bit. Eating new food it getting better. I found some pots to start growning some herbs in the house. My kids are really taking to this different eating, but I don't know about my husband yet. He like the salads we eat and the different soups. Tell you all what some of the soups are wonderful to eat. Oh and a must try is different kind of beans. I never thought how good beans are. I will do an blog on what else, but beans. How to store them and make then and a few recipes.

Ready set let the journey begin.


  1. I've got a great steak and bean recipe; hopefully I'll get it on my blog in the next week.
    -FogDog Weight Loss

  2. let me know when you post it. You know what FogDog that is one thing I have not put out there is some recipes.