Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring cleaning - in everything

Spring is just around the corner, I know where there is still snow on the ground. Just pretend and start moving yourself. Think of things around your house that needs to get done. As for me I have a huge reason my oldest daughter is getting married. So you all know what that means, family, friends and business associate are coming to town. Right now I have the cleaning bug, but that is now why I am writing this. It is time to move, when we are moving no time to be bored and eat. I have a fellow blogger Eat to Live 2010 that I twitter with and follow his blog. The other day he got out side in the snow and worked in it. Well this weekend I did the same. I put on my glove and hat and shoveled the snow. What a work out, but boy did it feel good. Then my son came out and helped and we had a great time. I spend time with my kid and had a good workout shoveling snow. Look around the house do you need to start some spring cleaning so then when spring does come you can work outside and not inside.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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