Sunday, February 28, 2010

1440 Minutes a day

Each day we start with 1440 minutes a day. So what do we do with it? Do we have any set plan of what were are going to do, what are we going to eat and just plain wear. Some where down the line we all lose focus and step into a routine of life. As my life style change and I start to set goals I notice a lot more that other things in my life is changing. I write more I think of the day ahead of me and what I am going to eat. I am planning more in everything not just food.

Lets go back to food for a few minutes. Do you know what you are going to eat that day. I now sometimes what we plan may not be what we want that day, but planning is a start. Every week I ask the bloggers that I am blogging with "What is your Goal for this week?" some come back with what they have set other don't at all. When you through that out there then you are more likely to meet them. So what is you goal for the week? Remember if you write it I will be asking. Then I will ask so how you going to get it. Every day you have that same 1440 minutes a day as I do. Make them count you will get a lot more done and then when you look back you can say I did it.

Start with only a few goals in mind what do you want to see happen tomorrow and what you what for the week. Take out the calendar and pen an paper make if visual to see. Pin it to you bathroom mirror. So now lets plan tomorrow so we know what we are going to do.
1) What are you going to eat for lunch, snack and dinner? (How many calories do you need)
2) What are you going to wear? ( put this our right away)
3) What do you have planned to do for the day?
If you need help post it then it will be out there. Put it on your blog give me a link and I will ask you questions.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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