Monday, February 1, 2010

Work out goal list

This week I have set a goal of working out. I was bad last week only going once. So I have already sat down and put all the day's I can go to the gym. I am going to treat them like an appointment. This has to be a habit in my life that is with everything like preparing food and everything. I am still down the 5 lbs, but this week I am trying for 2 lbs. This habit has to be formed and what better day than the first of Feb. We all have heard that it takes 21 day's to form a habit. Well this is a habit that needs to be done. Oh and to top all of this off it was the dream I had that made me get up and put this on my work calendar.

One more thing what is it. For the last week I have asked several friends to go work out with me and none has accepted. Then I have to laugh because I remember when I never wanted to go to.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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