Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looking in the Mirror

Remember the first time I told you all when I did my first work out about the mirror? Well I keep thinking of the first time I looked in the mirror at my self. The trainer was just trying to show me my form. He wanted me to watch how I was doing the exercise, but I was not looking at my form. I was looking at me and thinking how did I get this way. Then I realized I never look at my self in the mirror. I only do it really fast in them morning when I am getting ready. Other than that I never look. Then I really started to think about it why? I like my self as a person and it does not matter what is staring back at me. Hollywood has put this perfect image out there. Nothing is perfect in life. So everyday I am a point to really look at my self and talk to my self and say I am going to do this. Yes there are day's that are hard to do it. Especially them day's that I step on the scale and know that I did not do so well. The day will come when I look in the mirror and say I a made it. I did it because I want to be healthy!

Let the journey begin.

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