Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get up and move

Today I have thought all day about this. When we are young we do everything go place and just keep going. I am not saying we are old by any means, but our activity slows down. I was on the phone for 4 1/2 hours straight for work. That my friends is a long time. Then I started to think of all the time I do have that luxury to move, but just sit. Last night I moved I worked out and then went to the mall and did some more walking. I did not buy anything I just got up and moved. Oh and on top of that I cleaned. Now that my life style is changing and the energy level is increasing so is my movement. Get up an move do something just don't sit after dinner do something. I know you worked all day and don't want to do anything. That is a mind set we give our selves that we work all day and now it is time to rest. Wait for some of us we did sit all day. So we need to get up and move. Start planning a garden, you don't need a yard to have one. I have seen some people do gardens on the patio of their aparment. We are always looking for excuses. So tomorrow start by seeing why you don't move. For you lunch break do you walk or just a 15 min break in general. You know the law does day we get breaks. So what do you do with them?

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