Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prepare Prepare Prepare

This is what I am finding with anything I do now. I have to go up to Denver today for a Quiz meet. I just know what is going to happen they will have no good snacks, no healthy food to chose from and I will want everything. So this is were the being prepared comes into play. Last night and some this moring I prepared my food. I know this is so lunch box, but I am serious about this. I have worked to hard for them 5lbs and then all the soreness I am encountering my new things. Oh no, I am not going to have my self go back to being blah. What I am taking now just for me, but my whole family. I have snacks which are healthy, lunch a small salad and a few other things. I thing I will need to talk about proteins, carbs and other things my next blogs. I knew something about them but not a whole lot. By educating myself more and more I am understand food. What give you energy and what makes you really unhealthy. I am looking forward to a garden this year. I still what that winter one. But now that we are going to start preparing for the wedding we need to rethink the whole back yard thing. I am still trying to collect so really good recipes for the family.

I guess what I am trying to say is be prepared. Take your breakfast, lunch and dinner with you. Carry some snacks. I know I still have to take a picture of my snack basket. I told Art my trainer I was going to bring one down for them.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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