Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why we fail to plan

Do you ever wonder why we fail to follow the plan that you know will work. For me sometime it is two things wanting everything to be perfect and just plain lazy. Hey I am only telling the truth. Yesterday I read all the materials from Weight Watchers that was the first time I did it. I was looking for the fast way to lose weight and it was not there.

I know I have said this a million times planning is everything. I am sitting here this morning with no plan. Food plan that is because I Tina was to lazy to go to the store last night for breakfast items. Yes, now we are getting ready to go to church hungry not a good way to start my healthy eatting plan. I used up all my planing the last two weeks when I lost nothing at all. I did have a cup of coffee today and glass of water.

When I get home today I am pulling out the calendar to see what my week looks like. It will be a busy one that is for sure. One thing for me to remember is to set time aside to have a meal not at my desk.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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