Friday, January 15, 2010

Mind Set

It has taken me almost a month to change my mind set. Can you believe it will be a month Saturday that I started. I am down 5lbs now. Hey I reached my goal I just thought about it. I am drinking more water. Slowly the bad food is leaving the house. I have been working out on a more day to day bases. The energy level is something else I love this. I want to do more stuff around the house. See all this did not happen over night. One whole month and I just lost a few pounds.

Don't get me wrong some day's when I stepped on the scale I wanted to give up. It is so much easier to be the way I use to be. Food is cheaper, don't have to take time cutting vegetables up and I was easier to complain. But I have finally lost my 5 pounds and I am feeling better.
Have a great weekend all!

Ready set let the Jouney begin.


  1. congrats on losing 5 pounds! I am glad that you are finally getting excited and happy!

  2. Thamks GBGBlog. Do you have a blog site I can check out?