Friday, January 8, 2010

Going out to eat

To me going out to eat is the hardest thing to do. They sure do not makes meals healthy enough. I know Apple bees have some Weight Watchers. Tonight we went to Chilies and I had the fish. I was really good. Just curious how much points it was. Tomorrow is the weight in day I think I may have just stood the same.

I am still a little sore from yesterday but nothing like yesterday after the work out. The trainer said that soon I will be able to sleep better. Did you know that being over weight keeps you from sleeping good to.

I forgot to tell you all something he made me write down 10 goal and how they would make me feel. For example: I put of course my 5k walk then it made me feel like I have accomplished something.

So tonight write ten things and then how they will make you feel after to reach it.

Ready set let the journey begin.


  1. Have done WW in the past and the best thing I found points wise at Chili's was ordering chicken fajitas but not eating the tortillas. I didn't miss the tortillas at all, and it was a great meal. I think it was like 12-13 pts including the sour cream, guac, pico and all.

    Eating out can be tough, I was bloggin about that the other day too:

  2. Thanks Matt, I will check this out. Wow 12 point is half my points.