Monday, January 4, 2010

Finding the right gym

Well all finding the right gym is hard work. I think me and my family went to 6 places. There were some many thing to look at. Location, size, how much and what is available. We all decided to join Snap Fitness. The price was great it was close to the house and it is a 24X7 place. No one there looks like super models. They have to have proper clothes on and it is great for the whole family. What is nice to is we can visit my sister in law and they have a facility there to. We checked out our new fancy YMCA, but that was so packed it was crazy. Some places were just to over priced and to much of a meat market. I wound if places like this attract that kind of client. So I am happy with the place we are at. Tell me where you all go for fitness and why you chose it.

Oh one more thing they have a personal trainer for 30 min free. I am going to check this out this week and find out what the deal is on this.

Ready set let the journey begin


  1. Good luck finding a gym, we are getting ready to fire up the Wii Fit and see what that's all about. I am hoping I'll stick with that better than I have stuck to going to gyms in the past.

    I started at 192.5 (0.1 higher than you) and am trying to reach 160. I'll start keeping up with your blog to see what tips I can pick up and lend support. I started my blog on New Years too, you can find it at:

  2. Thanks Matt,
    I will watch your blog as well.