Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wedding plans

You all are not going to believe this, but my oldest daughter is going to get married. We have not told anyone officially. Now talk about stress in a nut shell. Here I was going for the get in shape in a year thing and now this. I am still going for the year thing, but I need to look at least half way good. Tonight I am going to work out with the trainer and make every minute count. There is no messing around it is some serious business. When I talk that picture next to my beautiful daughter I want to say YES!. So just to let you all know I will start a new blog called Is She Ready. It will go thought all the planning and is she ready to begin a new household. I have googled a lot of blogs. I like pictures and nothing has pictures of ideas.

Yes I know I have not pictures either. I am so going to have to change that. I need to post of picture of me and where I go work out. And of course my trainers. I will let you all know how it works out.

Oh an thanks to all you fellow blogger who gave me get well wishers. You are all the best.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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