Monday, January 11, 2010


This is not a good day today. I am sick and don't feel much like eating. This feeling has to go away I have my workout with the traininer tomorrow. I need some energy.

Ready set let the journey begin.


  1. I hope you start feeling better. Take some vitamin C pills or drink some orange juice. That will help.

  2. Yeah Vitamin C helps and chicken broth type soups always seem to help me at least start feeling better.

  3. Hi, Tina. thanks so much for joining in my Fit as a Farmhand linky. Please go back and re-enter your info linking to one specific post rather than your homepage. Thanks! :D

  4. Thanks Mother Hen, It was my first time doing this.

    Matt and CBGBlog, thank for the get well messages. You would not believe it but I lost a pound. Not a good way to lose weight. I am getting ready to go work out. I let you all know how it goes and tell you what the work out plan was like. I hope I get the lady trainer tonight. Oh yeah tonight I will tell you all why I really need to lose weight now.