Thursday, February 4, 2010

What we should be taught

I may have wrote about this, but I need to stress this again. Forming a habit or plan is key in anything you do. Now that it has been almost two months into this healthy living I am forming habits. When I go to the grocery store I pick out more fruits and vegetables than cookies and chips. Don't you ever wonder why unhealthy food is everywhere? They want us to over eat. That is my personal thought. Yesterday was day two of my work out all this week. Yes, I missed Monday. Today I have a friend going with me to work out. When talking with my trainer ART, we talked about education. In school they have physical education, but do they teach how to stay fit and healthy. NO, they make you play basketball, run a little and stuff like that. They do not teach the basics. Like math if you don't have a good foundation of subtraction and division etc. you learn to hate math. So I think personally they should teach how to us equipment properly and healthy eating. Maybe some after school program, yeah that is it.

Well have to run for today.
Ready set let the journey begin.

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