Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't deprive yourself

Thanks to Matt a fellow blogger for this idea to blog about. Don't deprive your self from foods you crave. So many people start diets only to fail within weeks of starting. They go home from some meeting or read a book and wipe out the whole kitchen. Then they have this kitchen of food they don't know how to prepare and have not acquired the taste for. Let me tell you it take baby steps. I did not go out the next day and throw everything out and start my healthy living like that. I took baby steps on everything from exercise to food. When I switched to whole wheat pasta I mixed it at first till one day that was all we had. Then I used a smaller plate to eat on that helped a bunch. Don't forget he water, remember the day I could only drink 20 oz. Now I am up to almost 64 oz of water a day. Don't deprive yours self when going to parties. Just take a smaller piece or share with someone. I know have a huge piece of pie taste great, but then we all know what happens afterwards. The guilt sets in and then we almost backslide, because of eating a huge piece of pie. Take your time eating enjoy your food. For those of you that only have 30 minutes to eat at work take at least 20 min. to eat. Then walk for at least 5.

Move and move again. Just sitting in the office does not help at all. You have a 15 min. break us it walking around.

ready set let the journey begin.


  1. I agree. If we deprive ourselves of all the 'good' stuff we used to like we will start to regret our meals. Every now and then giving a little 'old/bad food' in a healthy quantity keeps us going.

  2. Yes, I had one chocolate cookie today. Just one lol then the dog grabbed the rest of the bag and they were gone. I was only going to have one any way.

  3. You make a great point about taking baby steps. This is about the time of year when everyone who made a New Year's resolution to eat healthy cracks under the stress of depriving themselves of anything they enjoy. Slow and steady winds the race!
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  4. Thanks for the shout out Tina, I assume I'm the Matt you're talking about! Keep taking those baby steps!

  5. Yes Matt is was you. SHOUT OUT!

  6. Something I did at first (I work in an office) was to change some of my work habits - instead of sending someone in my office an email or phoning them, I walked around to their office and spoke to them (when possible). Just little things - but it got me out of the office chair and moving a little bit more than previously.

    I like your idea of mixing the pasta - so you aquired the taste for it. Good thinking!