Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am at 8

Yes, I have lost 8 lbs. That is about 4 a month so I am right now track. I started in December of 09 and told my self If I can at least lost 4.5 am month that would be great. Well them baby steps really help. I have to be honest I did not step foot in the gym. Work has kept me a way this week and they cold. Having a cold really brings things to a stop. So my advise to you all really is make small goals. I never thought I would be this far, there were day's I just wanted to quit. I step on that scale everyday and know where I am at. I went to a baby shower the other day and boy did they have some chocolate cake with strawberry's on top. I knew how much I could have since I watched all day what I was eating. So I was able to enjoy a piece of cake, but just a small one. I drank my water and was totally happy.

The other day on the phone with a co worker we were talking about the cruise we are going on. The subject changed to us working on losing weight. I told her about me drinking more water. How our body is made of water. Well remember the battle I was having with drinking water well not no more. I keep a glass of water at my desk with a lot of ice and one next to my night stand. Water is everywhere, not soda in my house, but the kind my husband drinks. Even the kids are getting us to drinking water all the time. When I go out to eat I either bring some home for lunch or share a meal with one of the kids. At first that was hard, but this is something I have worked hard at. Keeping my self active really helps.

So Keep up the good work all.


  1. Good deal on the 8 and on eating the cake! One of my sources of pride about losing what I've lost is that I've done so easting pizza, ribs, fried chicken, and ice cream, but all in moderation like you are doing.

  2. It is about eating in moderation. When you deprive your self of food is when you go back to your way's. Thanks Matt this will be my subject to write about.