Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Be prepared for day's like this

STRESS! There is no good way to say it, but plain stress. I am a stress eater big time. Today was a great example of what not to do when stress hits. I shoved food in my month with not even realizing how much I consumed. They are not lying when they said comfort food. So now this is a hurdle I am going to have to think about and have a back up plan. And then on top of all that I had no time to eat lunch. So what do you do you grab what is quick like the candy bar.

Plan,plan, and plan more. You need to plan your day, plan your meals,and plan, plan, plan. It is like when you have no set goal in life. You have nothing, but a huge void, with no direction. No wonder I set my self up for to fail.

I have no planned dinner time, no planned menu, no planed anything and then there is just plain stress of what to do with no plan.

What I need to do is have a drawer full of health snacks for day's like this. When I have been booked solid with calls and the stress hits. So look I have another short term goal. Let me search for some healthy snack I can save in the drawer. Stayed tuned for Snacks list to have on hand.

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