Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night

Well I am waiting for dinner to be done. And tonight I have to go to church. I really wanted to work out tonight, but that seems just like a dream. Tomorrow is just another day. While I aCheck Spellingm out doing some Christmas shopping I have pedometer on my list.

Tonight is going to be hard, my husband come home from a business trip and wants his favorite. His favorite is full fat and let me tell you it is good. Left see if I can stay to only two enchiladas and one chocolate chip cookie.

I wish I could plan better. Tomorrow night we are invited to a Christmas party. Potluck, so I am search for a potluck food that is good for you. Do you ever wonder when you get a cook book for health food always has food you never have in the house. I seriously need to have a garden this year. Last year I had two raised bed, but some ground squirrel ate all my tomatoes. I will take a picture of what they look like when it gets closer.

Ready set let the journey begin

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