Thursday, December 17, 2009

The gym

I have to confess, I own a membership to the gym. Now, I go but not faithfully and I know the work out is not very good because I have not lost any weight doing it. My family said it is because I act like I am taking a stroll and not really working out. So it has been almost a week and have not set foot in there. Every night seems to be packed full of things to do. So I have set my mind to start going. I need to do at least 30 min. no less than that.

Tonight I will have to miss again. So like I said planning has everything to do with making changes in ones life. So I have it on my phone reminder and off to the gym I will go. I have to go because Saturday is weight in day at GNC. So I might even hit the gym before then. I let you all know of course. What was I thinking when I decide to do this during the holidays. Well till tomorrow, Oh and I will let you all know how my healthy dessert came out to.

Ready set let the journey begin

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