Monday, December 28, 2009

Book: The Power of Focus - Habits

I read my bible everyday it is full of great inspiration. Today I went by the library and picked up a book called The POWER OF FOCUS. One of the authors is Jack Canfield he wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul. Well right now it is talking about habits and how we form them. I know this sounds dumb, but I have been working on a habit of keeping my bathroom clean. I am now 5 months into it and now it is routine to walk out of there with it looking great. So now that I have been blogging for about two weeks now I am slowly forming a habit of writing. This helps by put on paper some of my habits that I need to change. I am slowing changing a habit of drinking more water. It did not happen over night. I can now drink 40 ounces no problem. Salad in the house now has not become so foreign now. I made cookies to day and only had two really small ones. It is funny because my son and me looked at them for a long time tonight. He told me Mom I really want some more cookies and milk but......I told him I know son, but then the work out we just did would be for nothing. So we passed, this feels like a victory right now.

So this week I will right a list of habits I have noticed and need to change. You will see the habit we form did not happen over night. With these habit come a lot of excuses as to why this has happened.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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