Saturday, December 19, 2009

One week ago I started

It has been a whole week. I have to be honest I don't want to weight in. One because last night one bad meal may have put me right back to were I started. The depression is already setting in, to many cookies and to much food. It was good at the time, but this morning as I realize what I done is setting in. I can play the blame game that is was my husbands fault because he wanted his favorite food. You name it I have the words formed in my mouth. Here again is where will power comes into play.

It is only one week. When I joined Weight Watchers years ago I remember how hard the first two weeks were. All I could do is think about food, but once I had a plan it was a lot easier. Parts of me want to go right down stairs and just eat anything. Emotions are huge when trying to lose weight. Today I hope I can get by the mall to weight in. Today is going to be busy all away around. I haven't even gone Christmas shopping yet, here is were I just want to start crying. I better stop I feel the tears coming. I have people coming over so I better get down stairs and do some cleaning.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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