Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas 2009

Christmas went well, I think I did good and did not over eat. I wanted to give a tip I read in All You magazine his weekend. This tip will be posted at the bottom of the blog. As I was going thought I pulled out some receipts to try. As I try them I will post then and let you know how they come out. Today is full of activity which is good since that is what keeps the body moving and I have to remember when I sit down to eat use a smaller plate. I have this really cute crystal plate I have been using to eat on. I sit and watch my youngest daughter eat, she cut up all her food into small pieces and then eats very slow. She has always ate on small plates now I know why she is so thin. This week I will try and post a picture of me on my account. It is always nice to have a picture with the person. Till later.
TIP: To chew gum when cooking this will help reduce the nibbling while cooking.

Ready set let the journey begin.


  1. 'Tasting' whilst cooking is a big hazard for me so I think the gum will be a big help in reducing this problem, so thank you for posting that tip!

  2. Hello Big Girl, I bought the gum and it seems to be helping. And I find the gum is also making me feel thirsty to.