Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introduction - Today I stepped on the scale

Hello my name is Tina, and today I stepped on the scale. Let me tell you I wanted to cry. I always told myself never would I weight this much. This was back when youth was still in my sight. Now married and three kids later that is not the case.

Today is the day for change. I can march down to weight watcher, or do this new diet everyone is doing but NO. As most I have done it all. Back about 6 years ago I lost 22 pounds to go on a trip back to California. Well you all know what happen while on vacation and when we got back. As the year when on the 22 pounds are back in, but double.
Now we are planing a crusie to the Bahamas. When we step off that ship into paridise I don't want to be covering my self with a big shirt. Then when we get back start this old habits again.

Here is where you all will see my victories and a negative word that will be kept to a minimum minor setbacks. You will know what works for me and what doesn't. This is exciting but yet once I hit the publish post the blog is on.

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