Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Working at Home

I have to tell you all I work at home. My job in in my home, which makes it quite difficult to not wonder down stairs and look for something to eat. I don't have a set time to eat so I just wonder in when I am starving. Since I have been reading this book it says I have to change my habits. One of my habits is eating. And it really does not help that I love to cook as well. So what I need to do is set some meal times. I need to get away from my office for breaks even if it is to do laundry or walk around the block. Set meal times will help also with not eating to late at night. Look it is almost 6:00 pm and I have not eaten dinner yet. I remember growing up and we at at 5:00 pm almost everyday. Balance is another thing I need to set, but I better start with meal times and breaks first.

Hey did I tell you I went to work out again. My walking is doing better. You all know I am training for a 5K. Still only doing 40 ounce of water. Now that the new scale is here I have been losing ounces. Ounces add up to pounds! Saturday will be my weight in day. I can hardly wait for this.

I think next time I blog it will have to be on the place if chose for a gym. Me and my family went to check out a lot of places.


  1. I also work from home so I know exactly where you're coming from. I can't remember when I ate breakfast or lunch at the table instead of at my desk. I've been on vacation, so to speak, since the holidays and I've been working on changing my habits.

  2. Bobbi,
    You are so right I eat every meal almost at my desk. Today I cleaned it off and you should see it. I am going to make a habit of setting time to eat lunch away from my desk.