Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It is the little things

Last night I never went to work out so it is the little things that keep me from going. My son had a bible quiz meeting last night. So here I am people watching like I do on what they are eating. So after the meeting they had good old SNACKS! Oh here we go again and there is my favorite on the table. It was like a light shining on it. lol.......................... So I walked over took my focus of my people watching a snatch up that cookie. It took about less than 3 min. to have it down. Then guilt set in big time. When I was putting that cookie in my mouth I kept talking to my self, do you really want to do this. I did the self talk and then looked over to the group of parents. One parent caught my eye.

There she sat nice and fit, never once did she go to the table or even when they offered one she said no. There you go, it is the little things in life that add to one big problem. Self talk will help, I almost said no, but then my self talk said well just a little won't hurt. I have to come up with a self talk that says yeah just a little bit will be a weeks worth of work.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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