Saturday, December 12, 2009

What Next - How much I weight

Yesterday I went down to the GNC and weighed my self on the scale. Not pretty at all is being nice. If you only knew the emotions that went though my head. Breaking down in front of the store was not an option. Here in the middle of the mall, as people went by all I could think about was food. Yep, rule number one don't let emotions feed you so all the experts say. Have a back up plan to this emotion Blah Blah Blah.

Well this is something that inquires more investigation on my part. So this will be a blog all in its own.

Well back to the subject. Here is my official what I weight according to GNC scale at the mall. 190 lb 13 oz. Yeah read it and weep. The scale print out says my ideal weight should be 123lb to 135lb. Oh man they have to be kidding. I have not seen that size since I was in high school.

So I took the total and divided it by 12 (for Months) and came up with 4.6lbs. (rounded) per month. Hey that is not bad. This my be a goal I can reach every month than the full 55 lbs. I so kindly added over the years and want to see off right now thank you very much.

Now what? It is like trying to organize one's house where do you start. This is not some cold turkey thing. This requires baby steps. It would be crazy to go down stairs right now and toss everything out. It cost money you know, so what I will do is next time I shop bring something healthy into the house. Yep good plan if I say so my self.

Well till tomorrow when Istart making some kind of plan on how this weight is going to come off and stay off. The journey begin.

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