Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, I have not weighted my self today. This weight lose challenge is that a big challenge. I remember the when I did weight watchers and the first two week were bad. All I did was thing of food and the is what I do now. So I know this is a good sign, because I am thinking about what I put in my mouth. Today I good the little Hershey kiss Cherry Cordial. Yumm I could eat the whole bad. Well I took a couple and had my girls take it away. They are going to have to hide them from me. You can't just have one of them. I figure by the time the holiday's are over I will be over that hump. Tomorrow will be all about portion control. So have a great Christmas tomorrow, I may take the day off of blogging family coming over.

Ready set let the journey begin.

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