Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 09

Today is a day to look back at what happen last year. There are some many good memories of the year, but I am really excited for the New Year. I have my list of New Years resolutions ready to go. You all know what is at the top of the list. There are only 3 on my list because to much more and none of them will get done. Here is my list: Health living style, Money, and Home Improvement. I thought about blogging on each one of them so what I did is roll the Money and Home Improvement into one. The funny part is all I have talked about is cooking. I need to seriously branch out on this one. I am a mom that does everything and would love to see my children be great parents and adults. Hey that will be my blog for to day. Train up a child in the way they must go. People think sometime we are hard on them, but now that they are growing into young adults they tell us thank you. We have always been on them about working hard and being kind to others. So I will save this for my other blog. Anyway everyone have a great New Years eve. Looking forward to starting a great New Year Habit. I bet the gym will be packed next week. lol............................

Ready set let the journey begin,

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