Monday, December 14, 2009

What happen to day one

Lets just say now that this is public and I am carrying a journal this is ugly. Let me just be open, this healthy living is going to take some work. Left me run down what I ate yesterday and you be the judge.

Breakfast (two slices of bacon, one fried egg and half scope potatoes, and tortilla) (Water)
Lunch: (went out to eat had the Shrimp Scampi, bread and Cesar salad) (Water)
(I will talk about this.)
Dinner: Kids happy meal at McDonald's (little chocolate milk and water) Did I tell you we went really later for this meal.
The water intake yesterday was only 30 ounces. As you see I really fall short here.

So as you can see I need to make some major changes. Sunday is the day we go out to eat, but this is going to have to change. Here is were planing is going to be key. So today I am going to plan out a menu. As you see I really only had on vegetable and Cesar salad and this is full of calories.

I may have to post more than one once a day for a while.
Ready set let the journey began.

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