Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Board of encouragement

I guess you all are wondering what this is all about. I went down to my local library about 7 days ago. Since I knew this change of life style was coming up, I checked out motivational tapes and books. At the top of my list is the Bible very good read which I read everyday.

Anyway back to my library adventure. The tapes were from Zig Zigler to Jack Canfield. In Jack Canfiled (The Success Principles) tape and book he talks about road mapping or visual board. So down to the local Hobby Lobby I went for supplies for my board. This is for my goal setting which will help with what I am trying to accomplish. I am very visual so this type of stuff caught my attention right away.

This will be hung in my office so when I am on a meeting or just plan looking around there it will be. A visual of what my goal is in plain sight. I don't want to hide what I need to achieve.

So what is on my board.

1) Picture of me (before) with the original weight on it. I printed this off on regular paper.

2) A spot of me in a month (my min. goal) with the new weight on it.

3) Short term goal (4.6lbs for the month), try one new healthy recipe.

4) To do a 5 k walk, to collect a menu of heathly foods

I will try and take a picture of it this week when I am fully finished with it. Just so you will have an idea if you want to create one as well.

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